Do Not Buy A Mike Chang Product Until You Have Watched This Video!

The Mike Chang B.S Meter Says:


Why Mike Chang of Six pack shortcuts SUCKS!

An Expose By The Raging Bull.

We got to talk about Mike Cha-Cha-Chang, most "powerful" fitness channel of all time.

First of all, this pie chart below, shows he is a 100% bullshit.

And by bullshit I mean it's an ancient "Chinese secret" of taking bullshit...

And then putting that bullshit into a nice little container, and turning it into a wondrous fat loss supplement. 

So let's break that chart down..

45.5% he's a Six Pack expert.

...Yet he does not have a six pack.

Seriously, he always looks bloated and I never see a visible six pack. 

See this guy?...

Seen this guy on the right before?..

His name is Clark Shao

Mike Chang had to hire him to be the face of his own product because Mike can't get this Physique himself.

By the way, there is NO PROOF that Clark has ever been trained or used any of Mike's products.

30.3% home workouts for 'awesome' results.

First of all..

Mike lives in a Mansion.

So unless you have a home gym in your house and fully equipped studio, umm..they're not really "home workouts".

We now know thanks to Mike Chang that all you need to do are mountain climbers, some push-ups and towel sit-ups and you too can have 18 inch arms. (ha!).

29.3% he's added common sense with a "bonus" ancient Chinese secret.

Mike Chang really likes stating the obvious.

He'll say stuff like:

"make sure you sleep", "eat green vegetables", and the rest just takes care of itself.

Now I am not Chinese, so I don't know the secret.

I opened a fortune cookie one time and said, "Buy Mike Chang's program."

I was like, "Damn it. He got me again."

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, f*k you.

18.31% he talks like Yoda. Yoda says what?

Sometimes I'm so confused listening to Mike Chang. I'm about to lose my mind.

He also suggests you cook all your food weeks ahead.

By the way, this can be really dangerous.

Everybody knows that for best results, food should be consumed soon after prep.

Prep'ing it and then leaving it in your fridge for a week probably isn't a great idea...c'mon!.

14.14% quick "short cuts".

To this day, i'm still not sure what exactly his "shortcuts" are supposed to be?

His "shortcuts" are no different from any other workout routine I've seen.

Apart from the ones he completely makes up, such as his towel routine.

He claims researches in china found a scientific breakthrough in bodybuilding, yet he has NO SOURCE to back up his claim.

He claims to have a magic formula and people fall for it.

So there you have it..

Mike Chang is 100% BS and always will be!

**Raging Bull APPROVED!**

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